8x10" Glossy Mandala Print - Ancestral Alchemy


8x10" Glossy Mandala Print - Ancestral Alchemy


Mails flat.

Signed limited edition prints

The framed original drawing is also available for sale -- message for details.

About Ancestral Alchemy:

Evolution is change, and change is inextricably linked both to death and to immortality: on one hand, all change comes with some degree of loss -- in this case, the death of many species, including dinosaurs. But by changing you can also better survive to pass on your genes, perhaps albeit in a new form than what came before. Adapting to pass on genes is the closest thing to immortality that we have on Earth. We are the history of the ways we've changed and all the changes our ancestors made.

Birds and reptiles (including dinosaurs) share strong genetic linkages. One notable example is archaeopteryx, a feathered dinosaur. Even though the dinosaurs are long, long extinct, they continue on in some form as birds. (And, gee, wouldn't we all like to live on as birds.) I use Ouroboros, the mythical snake that eats its own tail, to represent both the infinite cycle of life and death and also safe passage through death. Snakes in general have represented transformation in many cultures because of their ability to shed their skins.

LOVE POEMS is an ongoing series of mixed media "narrative mandala" drawings that explore natural cycles and the roles of humans in nature, sometimes challenging what is considered natural. Our world is at turns beautiful, horrifying, and bizarre -- Love Poems is all of those. I draw on images ranging from human body cells, insects, coral reefs, manmade objects  and everywhere in between. 

My hope is to inspire the viewer to seek connections between ostensibly unrelated systems --because in reality everything is connected, and that connection is what keeps the cycle of life going-- and reinvigorate childlike wonder. Each piece is a form of prayer: I think about the creatures I'm drawing and how they enable me to exist, and I pray that the fragile connections beween all things hold. I think about my own eventual death and meditate on what systems and creatures my body will feed, and I pray to remember and find peace in that.

The drawings are primarily colored pencil and watercolor with some chalk and oil pastel portions. 

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