Pictures / Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, but not always the right ones.

Pictures / Words was a 2016 project celebrating diverse bodies and stories, especially those that are routinely silenced and made invisible. The portraits in this series are incomplete without the interviews (available on SoundCloud), which might challenge your expectations based on appearances alone.

This project began because I wanted to draw some friends whose personal aesthetic is different from mine—people that I think are beautiful becausethey look different from me—but didn’t want to objectify them or misrepresent them. So I asked them to wear something that made them feel good, pose in whatever way felt genuine, and to do an interview with me about the place where their bodies intersect with who they are; they co-created this series with me.

I begin each drawing with the model in front of me for about an hour and half, and during this time I record the interview. I finish the drawing with ink and color and edit the interview later on my own.