Articulated paper dolls


I do make custom paper dolls! Examples below. For pricing information, check here.

My paper doll series deals primarily with representation and beauty norms. Articulated paper dolls are made of several pieces that are pinned together, which allows for both movement of the doll and for selection of which pieces go together. I especially want to challenge the idea that humans with fat, queer, and black bodies are less beautiful or valuable. There are also many, many kinds of fat, queer, and black people. Being able to mix and match doll parts opens up more possibilities for honest representation. Paper dolls make great desk buddies or planter ornaments, and they also look great framed.

Coloring books, coloring sheets, and custom paper dolls available on Etsy. Details below.


Original Paper Dolls


Queer Eye: A Fan-Made PAper Doll Set (2018)

Print and assemble paper dolls of the Fab Five and some of their iconic looks with this paper doll building kit. Frame your favorite or put him in your workspace to look to for inspiration when you need a pep talk. Mix and match and color your own versions to make new outfits, or use the already colored versions I’ve provided.
Digital download available on Etsy.
20 pages (10 pre-colored, 10 for you to color) 165 pieces in color, 165 for you to color 2 pages of outfits and extras for each character.

Plant People (2017)

is a coloring book and paper doll workshop that invites people to construct up to 15 paper dolls that look however they want. With 150+ unique parts and 5 different body types, there are thousands of possibilities. These dolls can be any color, be it black or white or purple and green. They can be any shape, be it fat, skinny, fat on top and skinny on the bottom, or two-headed. They can represent any gender, with a mix of androgynous, masculine, and feminine faces. The book includes plenty of accessories, from garden tools to magic potions to bikes and more. With 13 joints, these dolls have a wide range of motion for gardening, dancing, doing yoga, or anything else you can imagine. 

See below for examples from the book.
Hardcopies - $15
Digital download - $8