Love Poems

LOVE POEMS is an ongoing series of mixed media "narrative mandala" drawings that explore natural cycles and the roles of humans in nature, sometimes challenging what is considered natural. Our world is at turns beautiful, horrifying, and bizarre -- Love Poems is all of those. I draw on images ranging from human body cells, insects, coral reefs, man made objects  and everywhere in between. 

I work with a mandala-inspired form that prominently features concentric circles to represent how life on Earth is connected by big cycles. I often treat each ring of the circle as a slice from a separate universe: shadows and light, for example, might not carry over from one part of the drawing to the next. Through juxtaposition, I suggest a narrative between ideas and creatures we hold separate in our minds. I play with both patterns, both visual and functional.  

My hope is to inspire the viewer to seek connections between ostensibly unrelated systems --because in reality everything is connected, and that connection is what keeps the cycle of life going-- and reinvigorate childlike wonder. Each piece is a form of prayer: I think about the creatures I'm drawing and how they enable me to exist, and I pray that the fragile connections between all things hold. I think about my own eventual death and meditate on what systems and creatures my body will feed, and I pray to remember and find peace in that fact. This is what comes to mind when I think of "life after death."

The drawings are primarily colored pencil and watercolor with some chalk and oil pastel portions.

Framed originals and prints for sale. Contact me for details about originals.