Garden Punk

Marlon MacAllister's Meld Resistance, the first in his Garden Punk series, presents a near-future, post-climate change dystopia in which people are forced to choose between adrugged bliss and risking their lives to eat and build community.

I created a book cover and character stills that showcase the diversity of the book's cast and the crumbling splendor of its gardens. Explanations behind each character design can be found on my blog. Visit Marlon's website for a copy of the book and a poster-sized version of the book cover.

All images were drawn by hand and colored digitally. Characters (c) Marlon MacAllister


Swarthmore College Intercultural Center

In spring of 2016 and 2017, I had the honor of creating original mixed media drawings to be used as awards for emerging student leaders. Both pieces center on rising out of systems of oppression to meet human potential.



These are one-time drawings done for groups and individuals using various traditional materials.

Requesting Commissions

Commissions begin at $100 for small portraits (8x10" and smaller) and similar work, varying according to complexity and size.

If you have an idea in mind, send me a message about it!