Tiny Treasures (2018)

A series of tiny gouache paintings of small animals to bring you joy.
Showing at Nice Things Handmade (1731 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA ) November 9th - December 7th 2018

Greeting cards available on Etsy.

love poems (2016 - 2018)

A series of mixed media mandala-inspired drawings that explore natural cycles and the roles of humans in nature, sometimes challenging what is considered natural. Our world is at turns beautiful, horrifying, and bizarre -- Love Poems is all of those. I draw on images ranging from human body cells, insects, coral reefs, manmade objects  and everywhere in between. 

Prints and originals available.


Articulated Paper Dolls (2016 - 2018)

My paper doll series deals primarily with representation and beauty norms. Articulated paper dolls are made of several pieces that are pinned together, which allows for both movement of the doll and for selection of which pieces go together. I’m developing a paper doll coloring book that allows people to color doll parts however they want, whether to resemble themselves or fantasy alien bodies or something in between. I especially want to challenge the idea that humans with fat, queer, and black bodies are less beautiful or valuable. There are also many, many kinds of fat, queer, and black people. Being able to mix and match doll parts opens up more possibilities for honest representation.

Original dolls, downloadable coloring sheets, and custom doll commissions available for purchase.


Pictures / Words (2016)

was a celebration of diverse bodies and stories, especially those that are routinely silenced and made invisible. The portraits in this series are incomplete without the interviews (available on SoundCloud), which might challenge your expectations based on appearances alone.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but are they the right ones?


This gallery includes examples of logos, posters, portraits, and other illustrations-by-request. For information about custom paper dolls, go here. For information about custom stickers, go here.

AVailability varies from month to month.